Aluminum in vaccines a neurological gamble

Aluminum in vaccines a neurological gamble decroded piece of crap He has helped hundreds, if not thousands of vaccine injured children regain their health, including his own son!

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Genetic susceptibility and synergistic effects. Disease Risk — Mumps. Back in the late s, the need for a Th1 immune response for clearance of pertussis or the tendency of aluminum adjuvants to produce a Th2 immune response while suppressing the Th1 response was unknown and not yet on the scientific radar. Aluminum adjuvant and thimerosal a mercury-based preservative still used in some vaccines such as the flu vaccine have synergistic toxicity, meaning that the toxic effective is exponential rather than additive when the two are combined. Aluminum adjuvant has been shown to preferentially generate a Th2-type immune response. Inan important study investigating links beween Gulf War Syndrome and vaccine ingredients found that aluminum adjuvant caused death of motor neurons in the brain in mice HERE. After the law that provided vaccine manufacturers with immunity from lawsuits, the expansion of the vaccine schedule with new aluminum-containing vaccines such as Hib and Hep B caused children to be exposed to far more aluminum adjuvants in the first six months of life.

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An e-book by Neil Z. Miller on Aluminum E-book. Aluminum in Vaccines-A Neurological Gamble. Posted on January 22, by crunchymomma. An e- book. From through , several mercury-laced vaccines were phased out of the recommended immunization schedule. They were replaced with low-mercury. Two doses of another aluminum-containing vaccine (for hepatitis A) were added in —a 20% increase in aluminum content since the mercury.

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